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About Minute Muffler & Brake

The first Minute Muffler & Brake shop opened on the corner of 5th Street and 6th Avenue South, in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1969.

At that time, Minute Muffler & Brake was the only shop in Lethbridge specializing solely in mufflers and exhaust systems. News quickly spread and Minute Muffler & Brake became an instant hit and the talk of the town.

Minute Muffler & Brake was so successful that in 1971 a second shop was opened in Medicine Hat, Alberta quickly followed by two more shops in British Columbia. Following this success Minute Muffler & Brake became a franchise business. Today there are over 90 Minute Muffler & Brake franchises across Canada.

Although muffler and performance exhaust systems remain our primary service we also specialize in brake repair, shock absorbers, struts and at a growing number of locations we offer oil, lube and car care check-up and other services.

The guiding principle remains the same as the first Minute Muffler & Brake shop opened back in 1969. Simply put...

"Where doing things right the first time is a way of life and where you know, you're valued the minute you walk through the door".

The Minute Muffler & Brake network of stores takes pride in being able to help keep Canadians safely on the road.

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